Hi there!  I am Sarah.  I am an independent artist residing in the UK alongside my dwarf rabbit, three chinchillas and royal python. 


I specialise in creating art focusing around the themes of fantasy, flora and fauna.  Using very gentle colours, I often combine traditional techniques with contemporary themes, gravitas and whimsy, lines and colours.

I have been featured in ImagineFX and 3D Total's GRAPHITE magazine and have also created my very first book "The Masonry", as well as worked with independent artists and illustrative works for their books.

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You can support my work in a number of ways, I have originals and merchandise available on my Etsy.  You can also become a Patron of the arts to get exclusive access to upcoming projects, behind the scenes and discounts/freebies on art.

Alternatively you can commission custom work from me by filling out the contact form below.  Please be as detailed as possible and I will come back to you with a quote as soon as possible.


Pet Illustrations

Personal Flora/Fauna Illustrations

Personal Fantasy Illustrations

(D&D, Pokemon, Character Artwork)

Tattoo Designs

Twitch Illustrations and Logo Sketches

Illustrations for Books and Covers

Label Art for Distilleries