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What tools do you use?

All of my tools with attached links can be found on my Twitch.


Do you take requests?

No, sorry.

Can we collaborate?

I only collaborate rarely and only with artists I know.

What do you charge?

For my price list, please check the Commission and Prices page or send me a DM or email me at

Can I get a tattoo of your work?

You can commission me for a custom design just for you. However, if you want a pre-existing design of mine inked, PLEASE contact me first. A lot of my work is client work and you do not have permission to have other client designs tattooed on you.  I also ask that you purchase something from my Etsy store to support the artwork.

Do you sell your originals?

Yes! All originals are for sale, I also have an Etsy where you can purchase other originals and merch. If there is an original you like, please DM or email me to see if I still have the original.


Can you give me advice on my art?

I would love to help but I get this request a lot nowadays. I try to respond if and when I can on these but they can take up a lot of my time. Patrons get tutorials as well as critiques and help depending on the tier so becoming a patron is your best chance of getting my help on your art.


How do I become a Patron?

Head on over to, where you can gain early access to art, WIPs and more!

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