C O M M I S S I O N   P R I C E S

Commissions range in both style and prices, in particular, there are two groups where commissions will be priced differently; tattoo and private illustrative works.

Prices vary for every commission, but these base figures will give you an idea of what I charge for private works from me.  For an accurate quote, please get in touch!

T A T T O O   C O M M I S S I O N S

Tattoo commissions are provided at a lower rate due to them typically being a simpler designs with less details and ultimately, less time intensive.

Tattoo commissions are available in line-work, black and white, or full colour.  Prices displayed are base price and are subject to change depending on the area of the tattoo, size and complexity.  Please send me an email for an accurate quote.

IMPORTANT INFO: Tattoo commissions are for singular, solo tattoos.  I am not a tattoo artists by profession and therefore I will not work with a tattoo you already have on your skin.  I would heavily recommend that you speak to your tattoo artist who is far more experienced than I am.

ALSO PLEASE BE SURE WHERE YOU WANT TO PLACE YOUR TATTOO.  Tattoo placement is important as it helps me determine the size of the design you want, changing it later WILL incur extra charges.

P R I C E S:




P R I V A T E   I L L U S T R A T I O N S

Private commissions are my standard illustrative works, what you see posted on my social media is usually the standard of commissions you can order.  Whether you would like a personal character or a pet illustrating, I can do it for you!

Private commissions range heavily in price depending on the complexity of each piece.  They come in two different price sets; line work and colour.

All commission prices are a base price for a size A4 piece, and increase depending on size, complexity and subject matter.  Prices are added together to create your total price, for example, if you want a colour piece, bear in mind that you need to choose the type of line work and the type of colour work you’re after and price them together, colour is in addition to line work, and is not priced on it’s own.  Please note, I won’t work smaller than A4 for comfort reasons.


L I N E   W O R K   P R I C I N G

Simple line work: Starting at £75

Lines that create just the basic form of a character or creature you want depicting, there will be very small hints of detail lines just to give the piece some definition and shape but the line work is kept as simple as possible. Price will vary on size and subject of illustration.

Moderate line work: Starting at £100

Lines create both the basic form and etchings are added to create some definition in the character or create to a moderate amount to give more life and shape to the image, but does not take up the entire canvas. Price will vary on size and subject of illustration.

Complex line work: Starting at £150+

Lines are pushed from moderate to the extreme to create a strong foundation of a piece.  Line work of a complex nature will fill most of the canvas, as well as give a lot of detail to the elements in the piece [fur detail, floral line work, facial details etc.]  Price will vary on size and subject of illustration.

C O L O U R   P R I C I N G


Colour is priced as additional option on top of the line work pricing.  These start at:

Flat colour only: Starting at £40

Self explanatory, all colour is provided flat with no shading. Price will vary on size and subject of illustration.

Flat colour with simple shading: Starting at £75

Colours will mostly be flat, but there will be some shading added to create depth in the illustration. Price will vary on size and subject of illustration.

Full colour: Starting at £150+

This will be a fully coloured illustration, with shadows, colour variants and minor colour line work to bring a piece to a fully composed and finished illustration. Price will vary on size and subject of illustration.

C O L O U R   L I N E   W O R K   P R I C I N G


Colour line work: Starting from £50+

If you want additional line work in your piece in colour [see examples below], prices will range depending on the complexity of the piece and size of the piece as this is, by far, the most time consuming part of any illustration.



X1 normal [A4 size] Illustration featuring a singular character/creature with a floral background:

Simple line work with flat colour and no colour lines: £150

Moderate line work with simple shading and small amount of colour line work: £250

Complex line work with full colour and high colour line detail: £400

Most commissions are priced at an A4 format or similar, if you want to have your commission created in a larger format, these prices will be amended respective of the size.

I C O N    C O M M I S S I O N S

These are small, 800x800 pixel commissions featuring a symmetrical icon of your choice, be it a character, animal or subject you love.  These are in full colour and are priced for one head, minor additional extras [flowers, an item etc] and background colour of your choice.